Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tarsal Coalition

Children and young adults are very resilient and often don’t even tell you if they are experiencing discomfort. Foot and ankle health is very important to maintain their activity level making it important that parents take any complaints or symptoms seriously. If your child or adolescent complains of tired legs and pain when walking, it may be a result of a condition called tarsal coalition.

Dr. Jeff Bowman is a foot and ankle specialist in Houston, TX that treats children on a regular basis. Tarsal coalition is a condition that affects the tarsal bones in the foot, which are found at the top of the arch, the heel and the ankle. When an abnormal connection forms across or between joints in this part of the foot, it is called tarsal coalition. This condition, which often develops during fetal development, results in the failure of the surrounding affected bones to form properly.

It is important to note that symptoms of this condition do not usually appear until bones have matured. Most often, children will not see symptoms until around 9-16 years of age. Take special notice if your child complains of any of the following symptoms:
  • A stiffness in their foot or ankle
  • Pain when walking or standing
  • Aching near the ankle or arch
  • Muscle spasms on the outside of the affected foot
  • Tired or fatigued legs
When you bring your child to our podiatric office, Dr. Bowman will evaluate the nature of your child’s symptoms and choose the treatment path to reduce pain. Custom orthotics, corrective shoes and physical therapy may be a part of the treatment plan we can provide.

If your child or adolescent needs treatment for foot pain or if you have any questions, please contact our podiatric office today. Make an appointment by calling (713)467-8886 or visit us online www.houstonfootspecialists.com.

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