Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Many of you are familiar with orthotics.  You can find them at the store in the pharmacy department, at least ones that are over-the-counter.  What you might not know is orthotics have a wide range of sizes and shapes.  The over-the-counter ones you can buy at the store are ones that might help you if you have mild foot problems but they can’t help with chronic pain.  The ones you don’t see at your local Walmart are ones that can correct more severe foot issues.  For severe or chronic pain - you will find orthotics in doctors’ offices and specialty shoe stores.

The main purpose of orthotics is to correct and stabilize a person’s gait when walking or standing. Orthotics also provide cushion to comfort your feet if you are walking or standing a lot by absorbing the shock and pressure on your feet.  The type of orthotic you would need depends on what type of foot issue you might be dealing with.  Rigid orthotics are meant more to control the position of the foot, aligning it with the rest of the body so there is less strain on the body while walking or for being in dress shoes.  Semi-rigid orthotics are made for balance when walking and playing sports.  The combination of the soft and rigid layers provides the right amount of support and cushion so that the foot is protected from the shock it’ll take, and the foot stays in the right position to take pressure off the rest of the body.  Soft orthotics are for absorbing shock and taking pressure off of sore spots on the feet.  They work well for people with foot deformities, diabetes or arthritic feet because they form to their feet.  Soft and rigid orthotics are customized by a doctor or specialist to mold to the person’s foot shape to provide the most comfort and support.

If you are in need of orthotics, contact us at Houston Foot Specialists.  Dr. Bowman would love to help you get the right orthotic to help you get rid of the foot pain.

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  1. Custom orthotics are the best way to correct the alignment of your feet because they don't require surgery and there's very little you have to change about your daily life.

  2. Yeah, you are absolutely right Brain you just need to do a bit work and things might be in your control..