Thursday, January 19, 2012

High Heels Equals Painful Feet

If you wear high heels, you know they are uncomfortable.  If you wear them continuously, you could very well be pushing your feet to injury in the future.  If you ask most women about high heels, their tell you that they were developed by a man, because they are not comfortable, but they are fashionable.  So the question arises, is being fashionable worth being in pain?

The answer is obvious, NO!  The pain is not worth being in fashion.  But think about it, high heels are not all that is fashionable.  There are many women’s shoes out there that are both functional and fashionable.  If you like heels, try to get shoes that only have at most a one to one and a half inch heel.

If you must wear your high heels, there are some things you can do to limit your foot pain.  First of all, the less you wear them the better.  You can maybe have a pair of comfortable and supportive tennis shoes in your desk or office at work to wear while you sit at your desk and walk around in your office.  Or you can just slip them off and be barefoot while you sit at your desk.  This will relieve the pressure off your toes.  Also make sure that you buy the right size of shoes for your feet.  Most women (9 out of 10) have shoes that are too small for them.  Again, being so called “fashionable” is not worth the pain and damage done to your feet.  If you have flat feet,  your high heel shoes will do tremendously more damage to your feet then someone who doesn’t have flat feet.  This is because the arches of you feet don’t have the strength to hold your feet up on their toes.

You have to ultimately decide what you wear, but don’t think that you have to wear high heels.  If you have any questions on how high heels effects you feet, contact Dr. Bowman at Houston Foot Specialists.
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  2. Women mostly gone through heel pain and always looking for heel pain specialists. Why don't they stop wearing high heel?