Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Chocoloco 5K: What to Eat on Race Day

There are many reasons that make Houston, TX a great place to live, but the Chocoloco 5K has got to be one of the best! This is the “yummiest” race you will ever be a part of. A 5K run and a 1K fun run will be finished off with the most delicious chocolate festivities and live music. Sounds great doesn’t it?

Now, a race day diet will definitely need to involve more than chocolate. Nutrition is a big factor in your performance and remembering these tips that we have gathered will ensure that you are at the top of your game on race day. The right choices start the night before. This is not the time to hit a big buffet party and eat to your heart’s content. It doesn’t have to be complicated, just a well-balanced meal that is easy to digest. Avoid foods that may have you running for the nearest bathroom in the morning.

On the morning of a race, remember that it could take a meal up to two hours to leave your stomach. It is wise to wake up early and have a small meal of low-fiber carbohydrates with plenty of hydration. During the race is when many make their mistake. Runners don’t want to take any time to stop along the way, but the stations are there for a reason. Ingesting carbohydrates while running will improve your performance. Locate all the aid stations and map out when you will refuel. After the race, replenishing your body with a bit of protein will help in the recovery process.

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