Tuesday, January 28, 2014

New Look For Your Toes in 2014

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There is just something fun about a night on the town—catching a great show and enjoying a delicious dinner at your favorite restaurant. If you live in Houston, TX, the Mark Morris Dance Group has a show coming up on February 1st, 2014 at the Wortham Center Society for Performing Arts. This captivating, world-renowned dance group is sure to impress with its extraordinary movement and musicality. Part of the fun of a night out is getting dressed up in your favorite duds. For ladies, it may also mean a pedicure is in store, so your feet are dressed to impress as well.

Unfortunately, there are pedicures that can go wrong and leave your feet looking and feeling less than desirable. Take note of these healthy pedicure tips before you head out to the salon.

First, never ever allow a technician to get a razor anywhere near your feet. This increases the risk for cuts, infection and removal of too much skin from your foot. A foot file or a pumice stone should be used instead.

Second, beware of footbath dangers. Be sure to ask before dipping your feet in, as bacteria can grow inside tubs that are not properly sterilized. It is a good idea not to shave before you go as bacteria from dirty water could get into tiny cuts in your skin and cause infection.

Third, while it is tempting to get lost in a magazine or rest your eyes in relaxation, watch how your toenails are being trimmed. Cutting corners could lead to ingrown toenails in your future – toenails should be cut straight across.

Finally, a great way to ensure a healthy pedicure—aside from carefully watching what the technician does—is to bring your own sterilized tools.

Red spots, yellowed nails or scaling skin are signs that something is wrong. If you have any of these foot symptoms, contact Dr. Jeff Bowman at Houston Foot Specialists. Call our office in Houston, TX at (713) 467-8886 to make an appointment today.

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