Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Dry Skin Remedies for Colder, Drier Air

Even though the holidays are over, it doesn’t mean that the bargain hunting needs to end! The Discovery Green Flea Market happening on January 11th, 2014 in Houston, TX is a fun place to find artful, vintage, recycled and repurposed items.

When the cool, dry air of winter comes, you may also be hunting for ways to keep your feet in top shape. One of the ways the elements take a toll is by making our skin dry. Two reasons for this are indoor heating and lower humidity. Dry skin can simply be an annoyance, but for some it becomes a painful problem, especially when it affects your feet. There are ways to combat the issue, though, and we have a couple remedies to share with you.

Try adding some essential oils to the water the next time you take a bath, to soften dry skin. Rosemary oil can help warm up cold feet and helps with circulation. Always use a moisturizer on your feet after a bath or shower, preferably a foot lotion with alpha-hydroxy acid, which helps with moisture retention. It is a good idea to do this at night and then cover your feet with socks to wear over night. Your heels and the balls of your feet are pressure points and the skin there tends to get dry and tough quicker. Using a foot file on these areas after soaking your feet helps keep skin soft, and lanolin is a good product that helps to lock in moisture.

If your feet continue to become dry, callused, or cracked, or have developed signs of a rash, it may be due to another underlying problem. It is important to have these symptoms evaluated and treated properly. At our office, we carry a special line of diabetic friendly products designed to treat extreme dry skin. Don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Jeff Bowman at Houston Foot Specialists for help. Call our podiatric office in Houston, TX at (713) 467-8886 to make an appointment.

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