Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Heel Callus: Walk the Texas State Fair Pain Free

One of the greatest sources of entertainment in Texas is the State Fair of Texas, running for 24 days this year from September 27th to October 20th, 2013. It has been held yearly at Dallas’ Fair Park since 1886 and was the place where the corny dog made its first appearance!

As you take in the sights, sounds and tastes of this incredible event, something else that could make an appearance is foot pain. Walking all day long in the wrong shoes, especially if you have an underlying foot problem, could lead to many types of injuries including shin splints, blisters, arch pain and heel calluses.

What is a heel callus?

It is essentially a patch of dry skin, but there is more about this problem that you need to know. When your foot, especially the heel, is exposed to frequent rubbing or pressure, it builds up a raised layer of hard skin as a form of protection. Wearing a tight shoe that squeezes your foot, or a loose one that causes your foot to rub against the shoe, can both lead to the formation of a callus. Wearing shoes with a thin sole or sandals without socks can also put you at risk.

If you generally wear well-fitting shoes but still notice calluses forming, it may be due to structural problem in your feet. Sometimes certain bones in the foot are longer or lower than others and strike the ground with more force that they can handle. A callus can form under these bones as a response to the extra impact. A large callus on the heel can make walking and wearing shoes painful. Dry patches of skin are also prone to cracking and infection.

If you are going to head to the fair this fall, start the day off right and stop a callus from forming with a good pair of shoes. If it’s too late and a day of fun has left you limping, please call Dr. Jeff Bowman for help. Our office has the right treatments to get rid of your heel problem and get you back walking without pain. Call Houston Foot Specialists in Houston, TX at (713) 467-8886 to make an appointment today.

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