Monday, April 7, 2014

Out with the Old & In with the New: Spring Clean Your Shoes

Many of us have celebrated the arrival of spring by opening our windows a bit, getting out our spring clothing collections, and maybe even doing some deep cleaning to get rid of the dust, musty odors, and dirt that winter brought in. The dirt and salt from winter streets may have left your shoes looking like they are ready for the trash, but cleaning shoes isn't hard. A few easy steps and you could have your shoes looking brand new and ready for spring.

For those of us that live in a part of the country that experiences a lot of snow, let’s start with leather or suede shoes and boots that may have those nasty white lines on them from the salt on the road and sidewalks. You are going to need a small bowl and a clean cotton rag or a nylon-bristle brush. In the bowl, make a mixture of equal parts white vinegar and water. On leather, use the cotton rag, dip it in the vinegar and gently rub away the salt stains. Rub the rag over the entire shoe and then give it time to dry. With suede, it works best to dip the ends of the nylon-bristle brush into the vinegar and then gently scrub the salt stains.

If your athletic shoes or sneakers have taken a beating this past winter, we have some easy tips to clean those, too. First, take the laces out and just throw them in the wash with the rest of your laundry. Second, remove the insoles and allow them to air out. Sprinkle some baking soda inside to remove any smells and then rinse with cool water to get rid of dust and dirt. Many sneakers will fare just fine in a cool or warm water wash with a load of towels. If you are nervous about this, simply hand wash with some mild detergent and a soft brush. Scrub inside and out and use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to get rid of scuffmarks. Stuff your shoes with white cotton towels and let them air dry.

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